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Our 14′s once AGAIN won the entire tournament!!  Coach Savanna (the current leader for Conquerors Coach of the Year) led them to a hard fought victory over TVC in the finals, who beat our 14′s in a previous tournament, and if I remember correctly, they were all about 7 feet tall!  Savanna told me her FitBit registered a workout for the 18 minutes of the final game, since her heart rate had escalated into the ‘Training Zone’!! :)    Obviously she was NOT the only one working hard as these girls rallied to get the Gold Medal!!

They were led by Page/Baylee/Alyssa who each had 18 kills apiece!  Sam followed with 15 kills, while Priscilla had 13.  Assists were led by Victoria with 39, while Page had 30.  The serving stats showed Page and Alyssa with 9 aces each, while the crazy duo, Liza and Sam had 8 and 7 respectively!  Blocking was led by Baylee with 11, while Alyssa had 7.  (I just have to add, I saw a picture of Baylee jumping against the opponents middle and, no kidding, her shoes almost came to the knees of the other kid while BOTH were airborne!!)  These girls are on some kind of mission this year and EVERY single practice they get better and better and better….it’s completely amazing!

Coach Savanna had this to say “I had SUCH a fun day coaching the 14′s, they are always such a fun team and full of a LOT of energy!  Each and every one of the girls came ready to play and they easily took first in their pool, not losing a single set.  With two of their teammates out, every player stepped up and was able to add  in a positive way to each game they played in.  I was extremely impressed with how aggressive Baylee was at the net!!  I am so amazed by how high she jumps and her tenacity at the net.  In addition, our two setters, Page and Victoria, did a great job of managing the court and providing great sets for our hitters.  The setters and our right side hitter for most of the day, Priscilla, worked SO well together making sure that we were always giving our hitters great opportunities even on out of system plays.  I am also AMAZED at Page’s ability to read the other team and execute some well placed dumps that the other teams could not handle!  They continued to play so well against our opponents in the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Gold bracket.  Liza and Sam helped bring an exciting energy into the games and girls continued to play strong!  Our outsides hit some great shots (shout out to Sam, Jalie, and Priscilla) and our serve receive (shout out to Jentry, Liza, and Baylee) was on point during those two games.  In the championship, we faced by far our hardest opponent of the day, and an opponent that the girls had lost to previously.  They came out strong and took the first set, but then lost the second.  I was so impressed by Page and Liza’s engagement in the game, and their desire to win…they really helped carry the team to a victory during the third and final set!!  I specifically remember the momentum really turned in that last game when Liza had an awesome backrow attack, bringing the energy back to our side.  Throughout the whole day, but in that final set especially, Page played such consistent, great volleyball and had such a desire to win!  Even when we were down, she would fight her hardest to help bring her team back!  I loved it!!  As a result, I named Page MVP of the Tournament….well deserved!  I am so proud of this team for their mentality in taking on a really good team they had lost to, with that kind of mentality, they are UNSTOPPABLE!”

Coach Paige had the 13′s in a two day tournament, where they finished 2nd in pool for Gold Bracket on Sunday.  They were led by Addi with 9 kills, while Merritt had 6 and KK 4.  Aces were led by Katherine with 12 while KK, Alison, and Merritt all had 5 aces.  Digging was led by Cierra with 7 perfect digs, while Hannah and Chloe each had 5.  The setting was led by Katherine with 10 while KK contributed 7 assists.

Coach Paige had this to say, ” This team is so much FUN!  Although they may be hard on themselves, they are very supportive of one another and stay positive.  There were several this weekend that their desire to improve and their work ethic helped them make a comeback!!  KK was my MVP for her hard work, consistency, and ability to stay “composed” even in some tough game situations!  She works hard for EVERY second ball and is very coachable!  I can tell she is listening and soaking up evey word I say coaching.  Cierra and Hannah led in digs and had a great defensive weekend!  When the ball is hit anywhere in Hannah’s area, I am confident she will get it and get it WELL!  Merritt and Addi were consistent hitters and I was very proud of their aggressiveness.  If we could just work on transferring all the practice skills they do on serve receive passing, play-sets, and setting smart choices to the tournaments, THEN I know they will rise above other teams and be even more successful!”

I had the 16′s, once again minus our libero who continues chasing after softballs, hitting softballs, hanging out in the rain with other softball players….and I have to say we MISSED her serve receive passing!  We struggled with that off and on throughout the tourney, even though our two SPEEDSTER setters (Shelby and Gracie) were running things down to keep the ball in play.  We DID finish in 3rd place, however, and due to some fantastic defensive efforts by nearly everyone!!

Ashlyn again showed her composure on the court, leading all hitters with 26 kills.  She just has a great presence on the court, and I love that no matter what is happening she is the SAME, constantly talking, constantly encouraging, and really keeping morale high.  Lexie T. added 14 kills to be our 2nd leading hitter, while Kate/Gracie/Taylor/Campbell all had 7 kills!  Gracie led our setting with 24 assists, while Shelby had 21.  Both of these girls are just GREAT athletes!!  Gracie with her incredible ball control and Shelby with her quick reactions and speed.  Campbell led our blocking with 5, and those all came in about two total rotations in the middle!  Poor Campbell, because I literally put her EVERYWHERE, and she just very kindly does whatever I ask.  I do this, because I trust her ability to know what to do in virtually every position on the court…my guess is she’s one smart girl…;)

Serving was led by Kate, who truly possesses some of the best spot serving out there, with 12 aces!  Ashlyn had 8 and Lexie Temple VERY aggressively served for 7 aces!!  Bree embraced the libero position for most of the day and did a great job defensively….though she’s grown about 12 inches since her last year as libero…;)  Aaron also went in and contributed 4 kills from the right side, playing with her usual consistency, and always her intense work ethic!  AND, Taylor Whittle continued her defensive dominance and my favorite tight angle shots that she is so adept at!!  My final comment is “why can’t Waco teams just stay in Waco???”

Remember next Sunday is CRAZY t shirt day!!

Practices will be 4-6 (12,13,14) and 6-8 (15,16,17)

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