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Finally, we begin the 2018 season and both our teams finished 1st Place in the Silver Division!!

Our 14′s started Saturday by getting third in pool, then won both their matches the following day to bring home the plaque for Silver Champions!  Coach Savanna was thoroughly impressed with the effort and intensity of this group!  They were led by Alyssa Nixon with 12 kills, followed by Bailey Burns with 11, Carsie Francis 9 and Jalie Hodges 8.  Aces were led by Alyssa with 9 and Carsie 7.  Chloe Mathai and Carsie each rallied for 15 assists, and blocking was led by Alyssa with 4, while Carsie/Chloe/Bailey all had 3 apiece.

Coach Savanna had these comments: ” The 14′s started off a little slow, mostly a product of first tournament nerves and playing a tough Madfrog team!  Chloe came out loud and ready to play though, really setting the tone for her other teammates!  Whenever Chloe was on the court she really elevated the play of her other teammates, on top of setting, blocking, and digging so well!  Victoria had a great first day, she was a digging machine, fielding several hard hits from the other teams.  She played tough the whole tournament and hustled every time she was on the court!  By the third match of the first day, the girls had really started coming into their own to take care of business, and end 3rd in our pool.  Day 2 is where the girls really shined an showed what they were made of!!  We were in a three team silver bracket.  Carsie played so hard, running and diving for ball to keep the ball in play, especially in our tough last game that went to three!  She was a threat at every spot on the court, hitting, blocking, setting, and passing.  Baylee and Alyssa played extremely well and were both SO aggressive at the net!  Baylee was a blocking machine the second day and the other teams had a really hard time handling Alyssa’s tough serves!  They were both extremely dependable players during the tournament!  The outside hitters (Jalie, Sam, Priscilla, and Victoria) all made some great and smart plays to help the team score points.  I also want to give a shout out to our “dynamic duo” in the background, Jentry and Liza!  They were so dependable and so quick in the back row. They were digging balls all over the court or passing perfect passes in serve receive…..they really helped set up our setters and hitters to succeed.  Finally, I was impressed with the girls’ setting.  On the second day, Page had some of the most beautiful sets, they just floated there perfectly!  She also got the other team several times with well placed dumps.  Carsie and Chloe did such a great job of hustling to every ball and putting up strong blocks!  Their blocks shut down the other teams best outside hitter in the last match, helping to bring the momentum to our side of the court.  I am very proud of the girls and their mental fortitude to come back after a hard first day and take care of business!  They are a FUN team to coach and I look forward to seeing all they do this year!!  Also, Sam should get a special shout out for her energy throughout the tournament and her line-judging!  She received a double thumbs up from the up ref for staying alert on her line calls!!”

Chloe was given the award as the tournament MVP!  Coach Savanna said specifically that her presence and energy on the court really elevated everyone else she was playing with!!  I think that the ability to bring out the ‘best’ in others is key to being a strong leader….much more important than even personal stats!  Also, I heard Chloe hit the floor to dig a ball and got just the PERFECT chiropractic adjustment….free of charge!!  :)   Also noted, Carsie and Victoria got honorable mention.  Carsie played so well, especially in that last game, she was running all over the court to keep the ball alive!  And Victoria made almost no mistakes all weekend, a VERY dependable player!

Our 17′s also finished first in Silver on day 2!  They were led by Emily Caraway and Ruthie Forson with 16 kills each!  Mya Afflerbach had 13, while Lauren Knapp and Izzy Espinosa each had 10.  Setting was led by Lauren with 38 assists while Ruthie had 37.  Ruthie led the serving with 7 aces while Lauren, Emily and Izzy each had 3.  Emily led blocking with 6 solo blocks!

Coach Ragan had these comments: “First tournament of the season for our 17′s came with some ups and downs, but I’m so impressed with the way the girls finished!!  After a tough day on Saturday, facing some ‘big’ teams and needing to fix a few key issues, we came back on Sunday ready to play and did just that!  We won the silver bracket on Sunday after a big 3-game win, with some of the best offense I’ve seen our girls play!  I was so impressed with the way they played STEADY…and confident!  I gave Emily our plaque and named her MVP for her offensive performance and her serving all weekend!  She finished as our leading hitter and blocker, but also put up perfect serve receive passes and extremely consistent serving when we needed her!  I’m definitely proud of this girl, and SO thankful we have her…and actually EVERY one of these girls back with our club!!  We finished the day talking about how Jenna and Sloan are the perfect additions to this team!  Not only do they join right in with all the ‘entertainment’ this team provides, but they came in and played so strong and added so much talent!  Some impressive things worth noting…definitely the serve receive passing from Jenna and our liberos  (Megan and Alison), the versatility and strength of ALL of our hitters, as they played multiple positions every single game with no problem and the way our setters run our court with such ease, confidence, and leadership!  I’m so excited about this season for these girls, as they’ll only get better from here!”

I, Coach Donna, just have to say….”thank God it really WASN’T Ragan’s water that broke!!”

Way to start off our season, 14′s and 17′s!!

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