The Story

Our 16′s played again on Saturday where they made it to the finals of Gold and narrowly lost!  Coach Ragan had the pleasure of being with them!  Her comments were as follows: “Saturday was such a fun tournament with this team!  We were down both Kami and Mya, both of whom we dearly missed!  Izzy stepped in to play middle the first game of the morning, and BLEW us all away!!  Everybody was talking about her!  She’s so incredibly fast, and I loved her ability to mix up the play sets and keep her blockers guessing!  Emily also stood her ground and played her usual animal self!!  Her ability to hit the corners out of the middle is exactly what we all beg our middles to do!  Megan and Bella were our “all-star” liberos for the day and played some of the best defense I’ve ever seen!  Allison made a great setting debut (for this year at least!) and added very strong and consistent digging, while Rachel and Lauren also played some middle for the first time this season!  They both absolutely held their own!  I came out of Saturday so excited about the possibilities that come from these girls being so so versatile.  I also think Jenna had one the best days I’ve seen from her, including lots of “Jenna” saves and hits thru and around the block!  Ruthie and Lauren brought nearly 75 assists, and honestly delivered some of the most beautiful sets I’ve seen!  Their abilities to run a fast offense has made our net game so strong this year!”

They were led offensively by Izzy with 22 kills, while Ruthie had 21, followed by Emily with 20, Lauren 16, and Rachel 14.  Blocks had Izzy leading with 10!  while Emily had 9 and Ruthie 6.  Lauren and Ruthie both had 37 assists setting!  Serving also had Izzy leading the way with 7 aces, Lauren and Jenna with 6 apiece and Ruthie with 5.

( I feel it necessary to name this tournament “The Izzy Espinosa Classic”!!!)   WHO are you, Izzy??  and in all seriousness, we WANT your DNA……:)

Coach Donna















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