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I had the opportunity to be with the 13′s once again, though it had been about TWO months since I last coached them!   We cruised thru pool play with no team scoring more than 14 against us, then entered our 3 hour hiatus from VB getting a bye in first round of Gold.  Unfortunately, we lost in the quarterfinals 25-15, 25-20.  I have to say, I would rather have to play the extra match to get to the quarterfinals….but then again, I’m not playing.  The kids might feel differently!  Nevertheless, it’s like starting over a new day.

Addi did her usual damage, scoring 21 kills on the day and 4 aces!  She is a tough competitor every time she sets foot on the court!  My MVP has to go to Merritt…;)  This girl made some of the best saves, including running under the net on the opponents side TWICE and never even touching the net!  She was our leading setter with 19 assists, our 2nd leading hitter with 10 kills and our 2nd leading server with 10 aces!!  She ALONE scored one fourth of our total points on the day!!  AND she just brings such outstanding ball control in every facet of her game!

Katherine followed up with 9 kills, while Hannah had 8, Chloe 7, KK/Sara/Allison all had 4 kills.  KK missed 2 of our matches (running around some soccer field, I missed you!) and still delivered 8 assists too!  Katherine led the team in aces with 13, about 10 of which came in our first match of the day, where opponents were seen ‘crying’ when they saw her step back to serve!!  In a nutshell, here are my thoughts on the rest::  Allison, once again showed her extreme consistency digging and passing and if she ever was a little less ‘careful’, she also has a super consistent attack!  Madison, stepped in as libero and talked SO loud I thought I had entered another dimension of time and space!  It was AWESOME and she passed and dug like a maniac and nearly flawless!  Sara continues to show her consistency in passing as I always breathe a sigh of relief when the ball is going her direction!!  Chloe, has a C in her name for CONSISTENCY!!  In a sport where 75% of points are scored on errors, that never happens with her!  Dependable Blue!  Cierra has just gotten better and better every single time I see her!  Her digging was always a playable ball and her serve receive passing shows such great technical form!!  I am SO proud of her and her new found confidence on the court!!  Hannah is our constant COMMUNICATOR, who I trust 100% to give information and help to all other team members!!  She was our 3rd leading server with 7 aces and has a very difficult to pass float serve!!    I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of it!   My future  hope is for a LONGER day with the 13′s….playing-wise, I mean….;)

Coach Ragan was right next door with our 16′s who made it to semifinals of Gold!   Here’s what she had to say: ” I had the 16′s this weekend…well some of them..:)  We were missing 3 players, which meant we had to make some changes in the remaining players normal positions, and I am so proud of the way the girls handled it!!  Aaron and Bree both switched off as libero (they loved when I did this last minute, and got really good at changing jerseys quickly and discretely!)  and I was so impressed by both of them!  The both produced many perfect passes out of serve receive, and were just so quick on defense making some great saves!  When they weren’t libero, they both successfully took on the right side, both front and back row, while Gracie ran a 5-1 for us all day.  Gracie showed great decision making all tournament, deciding when and who to set and when to attack from the front row!  We fought our way into the Gold and won our first bracket game but lost in the semi’s.  In each game, I saw a new determination in each of these girls!  Lexie Temple is still hitting better than I’ve ever seen, but also loves hearing what’s open and what strategies she can use to put the ball down.  Ashlyn came in fired up and led us in kills most of the day, but also played great defensively.  I loved watching Campbell play both outside and middle this weekend, as she simply commits to plays whether when hitting, digging, or blocking.  She goes all in on whatever it is that we need from her in any given moment.  Taylor was quite the rockstar this weekend, as she also found herself playing every single point of our 10 set day!  She is so smart and so coachable, but also just has extremely great work ethic on the court!  If a ball dies, it’s certainly not from her lack of trying.  She goes for everything and plays with an aggressive confidence in the front row.  I’m extremely proud of the way the girls took on this tournament and the adjustments they made, and of course how good they looked debuting the ‘new’ white jerseys!!  I’m anxious to see what the rest of the season holds for them!”

The 16′s were led by Ashlyn with 24 kills, followed by Lexie with 15, Gracie 10, Taylor 8 and Bree 8.  Gracie also set  a 2019 club record with 46 assists!!  Serving was led by Taylor with 7 aces, followed by Gracie with 5.  Lexie and Ashlyn both had 4 blocks, while Campbell had 3.

Our 17′s played in a one day Sunday tournament, where they made it to the semifinals of Gold before losing!  I’m blaming Ragan and her impending ER visit, which I”m guessing distracted Ruthie and the crew.  I am determined to get to the bottom of it on Wednesday night….:)

Stat leaders were Emily with 28 kills!! Followed by Izzy with 20, Ruthie 18, Mya 14, Rachel 13, Jenna 9 and Lauren 8.  Setting was led by Ruthie with 30 assists, while Lauren had 26.  Ruthie also led in service aces with 12, while Mya had 7, Rachel 5.  Mya dominated the blocking with 8, while Emily and Jenna each had 4 blocks!

Coach Paige had this to say, ” They did very well hanging on and fighting back several times throughout the day!  Never once did they give up!  Mya and Emily hit very consistent throughout the whole day!  Rachel defense has dramatically improved!!  Also Jenna was playing great too!  She is so much more aggressive!!”

I, Coach Donna, can add that this whole team continues each week to amaze me, as I have known them all for several years now!!  Rachel, you continue to impress me week after week with your skills…the most recent being your setting of our offense, but more importantly is your presence!!  You walk in a room and the environment changes!  Mya is the epitome of the “comeback kid”!  I can say I have NEVER seen someone so determined and diligent.  (and her being a redhead just adds that extra intensity to ALL she does!)  Izzy is by far one of the most consistent players I have ever coached…AND her personality/mood/countenance/outlook  (whatever you choose to call it) is always predictably the SAME from day to day!!!  Ruthie brings her ‘super-smart’ and very adept peripheral vision every time she plays…seeing spots on the court that are open to score!  Emily brings her still quiet dominance, who can block you straight down and then very kindly smile at you!  Jenna brings SPEED…quick reactions, quick feet, quick arm swing and very quick learning!  Megan is our ‘thinker’…always analyzing, always wanting to learn, always demanding of herself, always enlisting her mind to perform her best. And last but not least is my VERY favorite track girl, who can cover ground like NO other, can be a little fiesty, very competitive, very intense, very intelligent and can run some truly awesome Q’s….Lauren….;)

17′s, this is to make up for my lack of comments before!























































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