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Conquerors Volleyball Club was founded in 1999 for the purpose of developing the skill level of volleyball players in a positive, Christian environment. Our slogan “more than Conquerors” describes our commitment to the development of the total athlete, inclusive of mind body and spirit. We believe strongly that our approach of high intensity and high repetition practices, leads to higher productivity in our athletes.  Practices are held twice weekly, Sundays and Wednesdays at Argyle HS.  Summer camps/lessons are held each summer for our club members and those interested in becoming a part of the Conquerors.  Please contact us for more information.


Donna Martin


Phone: 940-300-7859

Mailing address: 
PO Box 607 
Argyle, TX 76226










Announcements :

I will be posting specific schedules of team practices for our 6 week summer continuation!  (June 15, we will pretend like it’s March 15 and pick up where we left off!)

As soon as all times are confirmed I will complete the calendar portion for exact times, and they will vary by team each session.  ALL teams will have a one hour practice on BOTH Monday and Wednesday, including our 12U practice team.

These sessions are free to all OUR members who had paid their dues in full.  (We will be hosting a summer camp for MS students, limited to the first 20 participants, Aug 8-9 for $200)

Also we may be opening additional small group sessions at 9 PM for those interested in joining the Conquerors for 2021. $50/per session

Tryouts will be 8/2 (HS) and 8/16 (MS and younger)  More information to come!

There will be a few guidelines we will follow for these sessions which I will explain on “The Story” in the near future!  What a STORY this whole 3 months have been!

Keep checking back for updates!!




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