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Conquerors Volleyball Club was founded in 1999 for the purpose of developing the skill level of volleyball players in a positive, Christian environment. Our slogan “more than Conquerors” describes our commitment to the development of the total athlete, inclusive of mind body and spirit. We believe strongly that our approach of high intensity and high repetition practices, leads to higher productivity in our athletes.  Practices are held twice weekly, Sundays and Wednesdays at Argyle HS.  Summer camps/lessons are held each summer for our club members and those interested in becoming a part of the Conquerors.  Please contact us for more information. 



Donna Martin


Phone: 940-300-7859

Mailing address: 
PO Box 607 
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Conquerors Volleyball Academy! 

Starting 8/9 for Phase I (one month) For a description of classes click on link below!




After much prayer we have decided to completely dedicate this club season to TRAINING only at this time!  We will be offering ‘classes’ for one month enrollment at a time with on-court sessions, sand VB sessions, speed training, classroom sessions, weight training for volleyball, jump training, and as many directions we fee qualified to offer our collective wisdom!  These are set to begin on August 9th!  Signups will begin next week with a maximum of 12 kids per session.

By making this decision we can begin training immediately instead of waiting until November.  ANY player from ANY club is welcome to attend for the duration of the entire club season or until the next shutdown…

Also this does NOT exclude the possibility of participating in region tournaments if we so desire and form teams later. If you are not playing for another club, you will simply sign up for Conquerors for USAV membership when renewal is due.  Those players would be eligible to compete together if normalcy returns.

I have had SUCH strong reservations about even embarking on a club season per normal this year, when things can change OVERNIGHT! I am skeptical that a club season will likely come to full fruition anyway, and if it partially does the parameters of no spectators, coaching in masks, distant interaction among teammates etc. hold absolutely no appeal to us.  I also question where the schools will be able to hold on campus classes and the prospect of being ousted from AISD midseason (or after a positive test at school) gives me great hesitation.  Finally, to begin collecting club dues for a 6-7 month season that is in question, doesn’t seem wise for any parties.  If I was a parent now, I don’t think I would personally invest in the unknown, so how can I ask you to?  I felt very strongly that tryouts should have been delayed until November to see where we are with regards to this ‘virus’.

I will be posting by next week our first 5 class offerings for Phase I (4 weeks beginning 8/9)  You will sign up and pay online and much like college classes they will change each Phase.  Locations for each class, as well as a description will be outlined on the link.  We will still plan to use our AISD rental time if possible, otherwise likely at SSAC for on court sessions.

Please call with any questions!

The following link is LIVE and ready for sign-ups for PHASE I!!

The following  document MUST be done before SSAC will allow you in their facility EACH day you participate in VB sessions.

Keep checking back for updates!!




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